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Diverse Product Agency is an Architectural and Design Consultancy for architects, designers, end-clients and manufacturers to source and collaborate with Australian Indigenous creatives.


advise & support

Architects and Interior designers in sourcing products, and original designs, particularly from Indigenous designers & artists, connecting them with Australian manufactures and producers.


mentor & promote

Indigenous designers and artist, helping them connect with Architectural and Interior designers,  product manufactures and Australian owned businesses.


sourcing & establishing

relationships between manufacturers and producers of interior products, fabrics and furnishing with the Artist, Architects, Interior designers, commercial & industry and business end-users that need them.

Our Latest Brand Partnership

Helena Geiger

Fabric & Textiles Designer

Helena is  Indigenous Australian,  born in Sydney of Gumbaynggir heritage from Northern NSW. As a contemporary visual artist, she specialises in textiles. Using techniques such as Batik, Shibori and various dip dyeing and hand painting processes to create textures, patterns & colours on fabrics inspired by the Australian natural environment.

About Me

Creighton Claiborne


“It’s Not All Black & White.” 

Diverse Products Agency

Social Investment that makes a Communal Difference

Hi, I’m Creighton Claiborne, and I am an Architectural and Design Consultant

With two decades of industry experience behind me, I have launched Diverse Product Agency to support architects, designers, end-clients and manufacturers in sourcing Indigenous designs and products. My role is to bring together new and exciting collaborations and help establish relationships with Australian-owned businesses.

Before starting the Agency, I worked with Winya Indigenous Furniture Company and Mac (Macquarie) Textiles as a commercial agent, helping launch products into the specifications market and sourcing product to manufacture for business and industry.

Now, I am committed to advising and coaching companies and government agencies in the current market who are driven to make their social investment more meaningful by procuring products that make a communal difference.

My passion is in assisting Indigenous Artists and Designers, helping them to form relationships with  Architects, Interior Designers, Manufacturers plus Australian-owned companies and international clientele.


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Office Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am -4:00 pm


Creighton Claiborne

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